From solar camp stoves and camping wood stoves, to butane stoves and car camping stoves, there are many different camping stoves to choose from. One stove in particular that people might not know much about is an alcohol stove, which is a stove that uses alcohol as a fuel source. Alcohol is flammable and dangerous, so here are a few important safety tips for everyone to keep in mind when they are trying to decide if this best camping stove for them.

Fire Safety is the Key

The major danger surrounding alcohol stoves is its dangerous fuel source, which needs to be used, stored, and discarded safely. Here are a few fire safety tips that campers should remember:

  • Do not use an alcohol stove to cook on top of a surface that can also catch fire
  • Keep other flammable materials (such as paper and cardboard) away from the alcohol stove while it is in use
  • The flame of an alcohol source is difficult to see, particularly during the day, so be sure not to burn your skin
  • Flames can travel up a stream of fuel, so never pour additional alcohol into an already-lit stove

Keep an Emergency Extinguisher Nearby

If someone is not familiar with an alcohol stove, it is easy for the fire to get out of control. To prevent this from happening, keep a full bottle of water nearby. This can act as an emergency extinguisher if the flame gets out of control. Make sure the water bottle is in arm’s reach.

Think About the Wind

The environment around an alcohol stove is going to be key. If it is extremely windy outside, it might be better to avoid using the alcohol stove altogether. The wind might carry the alcohol (and the flame) to other areas of the campsite, leading to a disaster. At the very least, it is a good idea to cook on an alcohol stove with windscreens nearby. This can minimize the draft to help heat food evenly and improve someone’s safety when using an alcohol stove. Consider the wind before lighting up an alcohol stove.

Ventilation is Important for an Alcohol Stove

Alcohol stoves are smaller than other options such as some camping ovens and rocket stoves; therefore, people are often tempted to cook with them in enclosed spaces. After all, the stove can also double as a heater. However, this is a very bad idea for several reasons. First, unlike tent stoves, alcohol stoves shoulder never be used in an enclosed area, as doing so can make it hard for someone to breathe. Next, some of the most common disasters regarding alcohol stoves have to do with cooking in a tent, as people may find it a convenient option. Never do this.

Always Place Safety First with an Alcohol Stove

These are a handful of the most important tips that people need to remember when it comes to alcohol stoves and camping. Be sure to follow this advice when using an alcohol stove. This will not only keep everyone safe but can also help people make delicious meals using an inexpensive and convenient fuel source! Give an alcohol stove a try on the next camping trip.

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