Comfort and reliability are significant aspects individuals consider when buying or leasing an RV for their travel plans. You must select a vehicle that will safely drive you to your destination and guarantee reliability during your adventures. Choosing an incompetent RV will make your trip memorable for the wrong reasons and result in a disappointing experience.

You can protect yourself from getting your trip spoilt by a faulty RV by understanding what to look for when browsing your options. Invest in your research and ask for reliable vehicles from family and friends. Read our article to identify what are the worst RV brands.

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7 RV Brands to Avoid in 2022

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You should avoid Keystone travel trailers if you want a worthwhile experience on your trip. Keystone RVs are popular vehicles loved by many for their towing abilities and fuel efficiency. However, there are some downsides to this unit that compromise its efficiency. The manufacturers must address the numerous leakages reported on the different Keystone RV units.


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Most consumers complain of structural and technical issues contributing to other vehicle malfunctions. Unreliable RVs is a typical comment you will get from asking anybody familiar with travel trailers about Keystone. The material used is not durable, and their customer service is not as responsive as other brands. Other drawbacks to Keystone RVs are:

  • Hard to navigate website
  • Consumer complaints are mostly neglected
  • Operating the control board is hard
  • Poor quality furniture

Gulf Stream

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Gulf Stream is another reputable travel trailer manufacturer providing high-quality RVs for travel. However, their reputation declined after some models came out with low-quality materials and unattractive designs. Others complain of poor parts installation and constant leakages, which contribute to rusting. Other reasons to avoid Gulf Stream RVs for your trip include:

  • Water leakages
  • Weak construction


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Hurricane falls among the long list of underdog RV trailers deemed least reliable by consumers globally. Despite its incompetence in several aspects of travel trailers, it is a not-so-popular RV brand with a stunning interior. The interior and friendly prices attract most RV users to get this unit for their travel arrangements.

Several consumer reports claim the manufacturers use old parts when building the RVs. You also get to pay most of the repair costs from your pocket as their warranty is not as comprehensive. Here are other reasons why you should not consider a Hurricane travel trailer for your travel plans:

  • The warranty does not cover repairs
  • Poor customer service
  • Faulty brakes


fleetwood rv company

Fleetwood is a famous RV brand that has dominated the industry for over six decades. The first units they produced were favored by many for their extraordinary performance and premium quality manufacturing. However, recent projects seem to have fewer praised reviews from users as they complain of poor-quality components with numerous defects.

The customer service of Fleetwood is also a discouraging aspect. Numerous reviews portray their customer service team as unresponsive and unhelpful. The RVs water tank is also easily susceptible to leakage, which may be expensive to repair. Here are other reasons to avoid Fleetwood RVs:

  • The battery provided is incapable of charging
  • Various structural and technical defects
  • Wear and tear faster
  • Extremely unreliable


coachmen leader too the great outdoors rv company

Coachmen RVs were introduced as early as the 60s and are in production to date. These vehicles are preferred by many for their elegant and impressive design. Despite these features, the units disappointed many as they did not meet their performance expectations. Weak lounge chairs, poor quality materials, and shower leakages are common complaints from various users.

The drawers and sliders fitted on the travel trailers are so fragile that they cannot hold the weight of everyday appliances. If you are an experienced traveler, you know better than to include a coachmen in your plans. The following are other reasons why this brand is in our seven brands to avoid in the 2022 list:

  • Crooked screws
  • Sink and shower leakages
  • Broken electric levers
  • No valve for the freshwater drain

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jayco rv company

Another poor quality RV manufacturer to avoid in 2022 is Jayco. Jayco is a famous travel trailer manufacturer in the industry with dozens of units in the market performing well. Regarding RVs, consumers prefer their vehicles because of their unique looks and budget-friendly price. However, Jayco manufacturers compromise on reliability by including unnecessary features.

Some features explicit to Jayco RVs do not affect the vehicle’s performance. Some consumers view them as hassles that will only have you spending more than you thought on the unit. Ventilation failures are good examples of things that may go wrong with your RV.

Their customer service is also an aspect that makes us include the brand in our list. Other drawbacks that should warn you about getting Jayco RVs are:

  • You are not compensated for damage
  • The working interior is unpleasant
  • Poor plumbing and installation
  • High maintenance costs

Forest River

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Some refer to Forest River as the worst RV brand, while others hold a very different opinion. It is among the few RVs that perform relatively well but still have compromising aspects in their functioning. Some of their recent models have contributed to the brand falling into our list of 7 RV brands to avoid.

Forest River is an established travel trailer manufacturer in the USA with reliable vehicles on the road. However, consumers complain of sinking floors and leakages in the brand's newer models. The unresponsive customer support does not help. Here are other reasons to consider other brands over Forest River:

  • Unreliable
  • Poor quality products
  • Unresponsive customer support
Brand Problems Rating
Keystone Poor quality products
Unresponsive customer support
Gulf stream Water leakages
Weak construction
Hurricane Poor customer service
Low-quality hydraulic brakes
Fleetwood Various structural and technical defects
Extremely unreliable
Coachmen Sink and shower leakages
Broken electric levers
Jayco Poor plumbing and installation
High maintenance costs
Forest river Unreliable
Unresponsive customer support

What Problems are Common with RVs

Leaky Roofs

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It is practically impossible to avoid water leaks when RVing. Even RVs made using the finest materials and processes eventually give in to natural elements. Water damage exposes your vehicle and its housing components to many damage possibilities. The leaky roofs will damage your vehicle's interior and the delicate moving parts.

Leaky roofs can also reduce your travel trailer’s internal electrical system. You can enforce preventative measures in your RV to prevent water damage. Try parking your RV under a waterproof cover, regularly check for water damage and apply a new roof sealant coat yearly to combat water damage.

Electrical Issues

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RVs are also susceptible to electrical problems once in a while. You may find electrical components like circuit breakers or switches not working. Other common electrical issues in travel trailers include loose wiring, outlet malfunction, and non-functioning bulbs. If you have prior knowledge of electrical connections, you can handle some of these issues alone. Consider a professional to eliminate the risk of electrocution.

Slide Out Problems

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The space provided by travel trailers is one of the significant reasons we consider these vehicles for long trips. A slide-out component provides more extra space for all your planned activities. However, the moving parts responsible for creating the extra distance are susceptible to corrosion, rust, and old age.

You can reduce slide-out problems by enforcing strict preventative measures to keep your slide out in peak condition. Lubricate all the moving parts regularly to allow easier manipulation and increase protection against water damage.

What Makes a Good RV?

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It takes more than just the price tag to identify a good RV. If you are not careful, you may select a good-looking vehicle with inexhaustible problems. Here is what makes a good RV.

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A good RV should have a well-thought design that allows numerous activities. Aspects like adequate storage space, kitchen amenities, entertainment devices, and accessible bathroom facilities are standard for all travel trailers. You should also note that the travel unit's size determines the vehicle's available room.


Wood, aluminum, and steel are the common materials used in creating RV structures. Units made from aluminum are the most reliable because they are lighter and more durable. The material lasts longer, and its lightweight nature improves its fuel efficiency.

Slide Rooms

Another aspect that will help identify reputable RV brands is its slide rooms. People believe the more slide rooms an RV has, the better it is. However, it is not the case in every unit. These rooms add extra weight to your structure and can cause accidents if incorrectly balanced.

The ideal RV brand should be perfectly balanced and have moderately sized slide rooms proportionate to the size of the structure. The compartments should have enough space to accommodate necessary items like refrigerators and heavy counter materials.

Roofing Material

The roof plays a significant role in RVs' functionality. Most RV roofs are made from rubber, aluminum, or fiberglass. Avoid tops made from rubber as they are more costly to maintain and deteriorate quickly. Aluminum is the ideal roofing material since it is more durable.


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The mentioned brands are poor quality RV manufacturers you should avoid when planning a long trip. Numerous consumer reviews confirm their unreliability, making them a risk on the road. You can use the information shared in this article to make better plans for your trips.

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